The Founder Of Bukonkai Karate

BKI (Bukonkai Karate International) was founded by the late Sensei Colin Williams 7th Dan , in the early 80s.

Sensei Colin began his own training in the late 50’s when karate was still in it’s infancy in the UK. Dojos were few & far between at the time but Sensei Colin had cought the Bug & made training his priority. His competition karate took him to great heights & Sensei became a member of the GB karate team travelling around Europe to represent his country. He founded Chester Shotokan in the early 70s & it wasn’t long before his Dojo became one of the best competitive clubs in the country at the time.

Sensei’s main stream of thought was ‘Traditional Shotokan Karate’. He wanted to pass his knowledge of traditional and original Shotokan Karate on to his students, the way it was intended and taught by the Japanese Masters like Sensei Funakoshi. This saw the founding of Bukonkai Karate in the 80’s, an association which sought to excel in traditional and original Shotokan karate.

Sensei Colin Williams