Sensei Paul Rooney Healey Karate Club

Sensei Paul Rooney
Grade: 3rd Dan
Club: Healey Karate Club, Batley, West Yorkshire.
Classes: Tuesdays 7pm – 9pm – Thursdays 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Held at: Healey Community Centre, West Park Road, Healey, Batley, WF17 7EN
Contact details: Tel:01924 437324- Mobile: 07769534545

Instructor Bio

Paul began his 22 years of training in martial arts at the age of 14 when he took up Ju-Jitsu with Tom & Steve Mullins. After 3 months of training he moved on to take up Shotokan Karate with the BKI in 1987. After obtaining the rank of 6th Kyu Paul was ‘bitten’ by the training bug and increased his training sessions to 6 nights a week travelling to several different clubs in the region under Sensei Ken Commons, Sensei Jerry Brown and Sensei Dave Ryan.
From 9th Kyu onwards Paul has always enjoyed entering competitions, both locally and nationally within the BKI, placing in the finals for kumite and kata on many occasions.
Like a lot of students, Paul took a break from Karate to explore his interests in other martial arts, taking up Kickboxing, which also incorporated styles such as Shootfighting and Brazilian Ju-Jitsu. After attaining the rank of Shodan in Kickboxing and competing in several open martial arts tournaments and circuits such as the MAI’s and FSK’s as well as attending courses by the likes of Bill Wallace, Geoff Thompson and other exceptional martial artists, Paul returned his focus to Shotokan Karate. Paul’s biggest personal achievement in martial arts came when he was awarded Shodan in June 1997 by the late Sensei Colin Williams 7th Dan, Founder and then chief instructor of BKI.
In February 2003 he was awarded Nidan by Sensei Lee Williams and in January 2009 took over the running of Healey Karate Club from Sensei Dave Ryan. In March 2009 he was awarded his current grade of Sandan. Paul is currently enjoying teaching and passing on his knowledge and advice to all students, particularly in kumite and kata. Healey Karate is a friendly run club in the West Yorkshire area with a healthy mix of children and adults. All new students are very welcome to come along and train to improve their general fitness, flexibility, build confidence and to learn a traditional style of fighting.