Sensei Kieran Broderick Luton Club (Kojo Karate Kai)

Sensei Kieran Broderick
Grade:2nd Dan

Assistant Sensei Wendy Gosby

Grade: 3rd Dan

Dojo: Kojo Luton Karate Club


Tuesdays; 20:00 – 21:30

 Thursdays; 20:00 – 21:30

Held at: Bushmead Community Centre, Bushmead, Luton
Contact details: 07808 528 116

Started from the age of 7 after watching, with my age of 5/6, my older siblings and mum do their training.
I would practice outside shops, at the side of the dojo, at home, anywhere and everywhere, being rather enthusiastic to join

Training under Sensei Julius George, I received my junior black belt at the age of 12, Shodan at the age of 16 and Nidan at the age of 19.

Sensei Julius George is one of Bukonkai’s longest serving Instructors and has had a huge influence on the shaping of  Bukonkai’s Southern region and it’s present structure. Having trained under the guidance of Shian Colin Williams and with most of the Japanese Senior Instructors he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his classes. Recently awarded 5th Dan Sensei Julius’ skill and dedication has helped to shape the karate of many of the regions Black Belts particularly the current group of club instructors.

Have had the privilege of going on a course taught by Sensei Kanazawa

Became an instructor from the year 2014