Bukonkai Karate In Malta

Sample ImageSensei Patrick Galea a 3rd Dan Black belt was born in December 1972.He started Karate with Bukonkai at the age of thirteen.  His elder brother who was interested in martial arts found that Karate was the best on the island at that time.  This fact encouraged Patrick to start training with his brother and from then on he never stopped

For the first 16 years of his training Patrick was taught karate by his role model the late Chief Instructor Sensei Colin Williams, (7th Dan). Patrick now feels lucky enough to have Sensei Colin’s son, Sensei Lee Williams as his new Chief Instructor.

In the early days, Patrick found Karate very difficult.  The start of the basic exercises was very hard for him but with his spirit and determination he understood its benefits.  In his early years of training, Patrick felt that karate was helping him in all other sports he participated in, since he practiced different types of sport, such as Football, Table tennis to mention a few.  The years passed by and he came to realized that Karate was in fact helping him in his daily life.  He discovered that he was gaining more self discipline and also understood how to respect himself and others.

Karate makes one stronger in character and keeps you away from violence and any other bad habits

Although Patrick never liked entering competitions he competed in many, both national and international and the results were always excellent both in Kata and Kumite.  In most competitions he placed amongst the first three.  Patrick said that he had to compete because although he believes that competitions are a small part of his training, he always wanted to make sure that he covers this as well. Patrick strongly believes that karateka should work on their weaknesses to achieve their goals.

Sensei Patrick has been teaching Karate since the age of 21. As a Karate teacher Patrick feels that he must sustain his own training to prevent the high expectations he has of himself  from dropping.  He feels comfortable teaching all ages as there has always been reciprocal respect regardles of age, gender or grade. Patrick’s life motto is “Respect Others”.

Patrick’s favourite hand technique is Shoto Uke (Knife hand Block) and for the feet is Usiro Geri (Spinning Back Kick).

In his private life Patrick works as a supervisor.  He is married and has two young children  He likes to spend as much time as possible with his Family.  Despite all this, nothing interferes with his daily training.  Karate has become part of his life style.  “I go to work for money, I offer myself to the family and train Karate for me”, he says.  His greatest ambition in life is to keep on training Karate throughout his life and keeps enjoying it.

Sensei Patrick recommends that every person should try Karate at some time of their life  as he believes it can be of some help to everyone.