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Bukonkai ‘Colin Williams’ National Championships Results 2015

On Sunday 19th July 2015, the Bukonkai ‘Colin Williams’ National Championships were held in Luton.

Competitors came from all over the country, particularly from Cheshire, Yorkshire, Newcastle, Surrey, and the local clubs in Bedfordshire.

We were also very pleased to have a team from Malta. Our special thanks go to Sensei Patrick Galea, the senior instructor of our Bukonkai Malta club, who travelled with his family and students to the UK for the competition, who all greatly contributed to making the day very special.

There was a Kata demonstration by Sensei Steve Creasy and his senior students performing Gojushiho Sho in mirror image and then the bunkai (application) of the kata.

As usual, two very important perpetual trophies were presented by our Chief Instructor, Sensei Lee Williams. The Dave Waterhouse memorial trophy was presented to Aleyandro Borg for outstanding performance and spirit on the day. The Colin Williams ‘Samurai Helmet’ was awarded to Alex Ronda for his dedication and contribution to Bukonkai in the past year.

The Finals were very competitive as usual, with the Maltese team winning many of the individual events as well as advanced team kata.

The results for each event were as follows:

Category Results
Childrens Kata – White to Green belt 1st Carla Creasy, 2nd Daniel Cullen, 3rd Diya Odedra, 4th Jay Chavda

Childrens Kata – Purple to Black belt 1st Jaha Jegathees, 2nd Jade Edwards, 3rd Sidarth Jegathees, 4th Luca Nizzardi

Adults Kata – Purple to Black 1st Patrick Galea, 2nd Aleyandro Borg, 3rd Alex Ronda, 4th Lee Nizzardi

Team Kata – Heian 1st Chester ‘A’, 2nd Northill ‘A’, 3rd Dunstable ‘B’, 4th Dunstable ‘A’

Team Kata -Advanced 1st Malta ‘A’, 2nd Chester ‘A’, 3rd Luton ‘A’, 4th Ellesmere Port ‘A’

Girls Kumite – 11 and under 1st Shelomi Galea, 2nd Carla Creasy, 3rd Jaha Jegathees, 4th Allison Evans

Girls Kumite – 12 and over 1st Jade Edwards, 2nd Holly Williams, 3rd Mia Joule, 4th Georgia Alligan

Boys Kumite – 11 and under 1st Luca Nizzardi, 2nd Tom Jenkins, 3rd Charlie Walker, 4th Sidarth Jegathees

Boys Kumite – 12 and over 1st Daniel Cullen, 2nd Cameron Cullen

Ladies Kumite 1st Josette Galea, 2nd Jade Griffiths, 3rd Pat Linney, 4th Katya Bullock

Mens Kumite 1st Patrick Galea, 2nd Aleyandro Borg, 3rd Alex Ronda, 4th Jerry Pillau

Team Kumite – Children 1st Chester ‘A’, 2nd Northill ‘A’, 3rd Dunstable ‘A’, 4th Northill ‘B’

Team Kumite – Adults 1st Luton ‘A’, 2nd Dunstable ‘A’, 3rd Chester ‘A’, 4th Ellesmere Port ‘A’

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